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Your child’s diet has a tremendous influence on their growth and development. Diet also influences the development of acute and chronic diseases and how well the child can fight these diseases. Because of the importance of diet, Dr. Debby obtains a computer analysis of your child’s diet to find any nutritional weaknesses. She also recommends nutritional testing if needed. She makes recommendations for an individualized diet and supplement plan. Holistic Pediatric Consulting carries high quality, but affordable vitamins, minerals and supplements found to be safe and effective. All products are chosen specifically for use in children by Dr. Debby.

Unfortunately, our country is having an ever increasing problem with children becoming overweight and obese. The longer a child has a weight issue, the harder it is to get to a healthier weight. Therefore addressing weight issues as early as possible is critical. It is never too early to learn healthy eating habits and how to incorporate physical activity into daily life. To address childhood obesity, Dr. Debby performs diet analysis, lab evaluation, and counsels parents and children on diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Dr. Debby Hamilton

Dr. Debby has been consulting with us and caring for our son for many years. She is an integral part of our plan to help him achieve success in life despite his Autism diagnosis. We appreciate how her treatment suggestions are very precise and customized for our son’s specific symptoms. Dr. Debby uses a variety of high quality supplements prescribed just for our son based on blood, urine and hair tests. She also has excellent advice on how to use diet and nutrition to improve his behavior. Our son has continued to improve with each passing year under Dr. Debby’s care.

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Dr. Debby Hamilton
Dr. Debby

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