New Patient Information


Your first consultation will be scheduled for 60 minutes.  For more chronic or complicated problems, the first consultation may be up to 90 minutes.


Payment is expected at the time of the visit. Health insurance reimbursement forms will be given to submit to your insurance company at the end of the visit. For Phone or Zoom consults, payment will be charged on the day of the visit.

Consults: $280 for 1 hour,  $420 for 1½ hours


Cancellation fee if less than 24 hours before the time of scheduled visit:  $100


Questions that can be answered within 10 minutes will not be charged.  For lengthier concerns, laboratory results, or follow-up visits:  phone calls will be charged as a consult.

Dr. Debby’s practice is a consult-only practice for chronic health conditions. Because of this, she does not do primary care, emergency visits, or emergency phone calls.  Patients need a primary care physician for primary care, emergency visits, and phone calls.

Dr. Debby Hamilton

There is so much research out there for what to do when pregnant but not as much out there for what to do before becoming pregnant. This information was just overall great information for general health. It was important to my husband and I to get our bodies prepared for pregnancy in order to provide a healthy environment for the baby to grow. I can’t thank you enough-this course was the best thing I’ve done in a long time!

K.J., Louisville, CO

Dr. Debby Hamilton
Dr. Debby

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