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Dr. Debby Hamilton is an accomplished author with published books and featured written articles. Here are some of her notable works:

Preventing Autism & ADHD Book

Learn how to protect your child from increasingly common childhood diseases – starting before pregnancy!
Rates of autism and ADHD are skyrocketing.

How can a woman protect the health of her future child? This book provides women with safe recommendations for a healthier pregnancy and new baby.

Researchers have found dozens of risk factors for autism and ADHD. Dr. Hamilton has reviewed over 600 published medical studies to help women reduce their risk factors.

Chapter Sample: Toxic Beauty
Chapter Sample: Building a Healthy Digestive System

Mitochondrial Dysfunction: A Critical Component in Managing Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Townsend Letter, Nov 2021,  Issue#460

Debby Hamilton, MD, MPH, an integrative pediatrician who is also board-certified in physician nutrition, specializes in treating patients with chronic conditions. In this article, she explains the role of mitochondria in ME/CFS, how to test mitochondria function, and how to improve patient symptoms with nutritional supplements.

Child Decoded: Unlocking Complex Issues in Your Child’s Learning, Behavior or Attention

Discover the wealth of knowledge within this book, offering invaluable tools to aid parents in fostering their child’s development. Inside, you’ll uncover:

  • A comprehensive and unique checklist system, guiding you to identify the ideal starting point for your child’s growth journey.
  • Exploration of untapped avenues of support, ones you may not have previously considered.
  • Insight into the underlying factors that may be impacting your child’s learning or behavior problems, shedding light on potential solutions.
  • Awareness of commonly overlooked misdiagnoses, ensuring accurate assessments and appropriate interventions.
  • Detailed explanations of the roles played by various practitioners, empowering you to ask the right questions and make informed decisions.
  • Comprehensive coverage of both Western medicine and alternative medicine solutions, equipping you with a wide range of options.

With contributions from passionate experts, this book seeks to empower parents by presenting a thorough understanding of available choices. Our current knowledge surpasses all previous insights into the human brain and its functions, offering unparalleled tools for diagnosis and treatment.

Written Articles:

Hamilton D, Jensen G. Nutraceutical support of mitochondrial function associated with reduction of long-term fatigue and inflammation. Altern Ther Health Med. 2021 May; Vol 27 (3):8-17.

Hamilton DE, Jensen GS. Pain reduction and improved vascular health associated with daily consumption of an anti-inflammatory dietary supplement blend. J Pain Res. 2019;12:1497-1508.

Jensen GS, Cruickshank D, Hamilton DE. Disruption of Established Bacterial and Fungal Biofilms by a Blend of Enzymes and Botanical Extracts. J. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2023. 33(6): 1–9.

Dr. Debby Hamilton

This workshop opened my eyes to an entire world of info. Not only did it provide pre-pregnancy info but it helped with my general health and nutrition which was personalized for me.

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